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October 2009

Want to be in a Twin Atlantic Video?

Sorry to give your hopes up, but this is in Los Angeles according to this craigslist ad.
“Casting: Lead / Female / Caucasian, Multi-Ethnic / 18 – 24 years
Description: Long Dark Hair, High fashion model look, unique features, stunning deep eyes.”

Cheers to Jessica again for posting this!

In The City Preview

Rocksound have done a preivew.

What will the review of the show say in Rock Sound magazine when it hits stores next month?
“Twin Atlantic stunned the audience by serenading a live whale halfway through their set. The same whale later joined them onstage for a cover of the Micheal Jackson hit ‘Bad’ before diving into the crowd and crushing thirty people. Everyone left saying it was the greatest gig they’d ever been to.” (Craig Kneale, Drums)

Twin Atlantic European Tour With Fall Of Troy

8 Nov 2009 19:00
sputnikhalle munster
9 Nov 2009 19:00
luxor koln
10 Nov 2009 19:00
magnet berlin
11 Nov 2009 19:00
molotow hamburg
12 Nov 2009 19:00
kulterfabrik luxembourg
13 Nov 2009 19:00
vk brussels
14 Nov 2009 19:00
batofak paris
15 Nov 2009 19:00
clwb ifor bach Wales
18 Nov 2009 19:00
academy 3 manchester
19 Nov 2009 19:00
academy 2 birmingham
20 Nov 2009 19:00
garage london
Cheers to oneinchToni For Sending This In.