Vivarium Is The Scotsman's Album Of The Week

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Red Bull Records RBR1012, £8.80

Like a tuned-up Fire Engines colliding with Biffy Clyro, the much-touted Glasgow four-piece live up to the hype, delivering a debut bristling with power and poetry.

Lightspeed is precisely the pace at which the record begins, and maintains with an almost uncomfortable intensity.

Sam McTrusty sings with exaggerated enunciation that spits every syllable like a call to arms. “Is there anybody out there?” he exclaims on Audience And Audio, an early single here reinvented with passion and panache.

The band augment the customary guitar, bass and drums with cello and piano, lending an airiness to the closing Better Weather and density to the record’s centrifugal force, Caribbean War Syndrome.

Rhythmically twisting and turning, powered by the tumultuous drumming of Craig Kneale, this is as monstrously ambitious as anything attempted by Muse, but without the wacky conspiracy theories.

Download this: Caribbean War Syndrome, Human After All

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