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July 2009

Vivarium Release Date

Twin Atlantic’s mini-album Vivarium will be released on the 14th of September 2009.

Sam Played Acoustic Last Night

He played at the open mic at Nice N Sleazy’s, performing the songs ‘lightspeed’ and ‘You’re Turning Into John Wayne’. There is is a recording of the latter in the forum.

Twin Atlantic Secret Show!

In an exclusive, Twin atlantic online, can reveal Twin Atlantic will be playing some form of secret show tomorow night. More details in the forum topic here.

Twin Atlantic Festival Stage Times

From their twitter:

GUILFEST Friday 7:20 RockSound stage .. T IN THE PARK saturday 7:40 The Futures stage .. Bring your lungs ..

Some Tracks On Itunes

For people in the Uk, you can buy lightspeed here.

For people accros the pond, you can buy What is light, Where is laughter PLUS a cheeky bonus video here.